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Eucony Fast Acting Toenail Cure – 3ml (PACK OF 4)


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Eucony Fast Acting Toenail Cure – 3ml (PACK OF 4) : Restores healthy nail condition, limit the excessive growth of microorganisms, and inhibits the growth of fungal.
Make nails glossy, shiny, and white.

Product Usage:

1. Take this product, unscrew the cover side of the brush, and then rotate the other side the pen,
squeeze out a proper amount of liquid, and apply it to the tissue infected with fungus.
Apply 3 times a day and 3 times each time (After each smear and wait for full absorption of the liquid,
then smear the next time). Effects visible after 14-28 days of use.
2.Insist on the smear until the infected tissue is completely stripped (continue to use antimicrobial
products that protect the growth of new nails after the infected tissue is completely peeled off).

Product Tips:

1.The wounded or damaged skin disable this product; forbidden by pregnant women;
the alcohol allergy and those who is allergic to this product is disabled.
2.For those allergic to this product, please disable immediately.
3.This product is used as external preparation, forbidden to take orally, or disable in the eye and mucous membrane.
Save method: Please keep it in the shade and avoid direct sunlight.

Product Specifics:

Item Type : Nail Treatment
NET WT : 3ml/pcs
Type : Cuticle Oil/Nourishment Oil
Quantity : 4pcs/set
Ingredient : mix

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